Tiger's Den - Family & Misc. Photos

The Lion and the Lamb (Andrew for Christmas 2000)
July, 2000 - Tiger with dad and son at dad's house
Alex the cat, wondering where his brain went
Grandson Andrew at 15 months, March, 2000
Grandson Andrew at 18 months, June, 2000
Grandpa Tiger with Andrew
Grandson Andrew at 1 year, December, 1999
Daughter Bethany and Andrew
Tiger & brother Scott on Key Biscayne, ca.1957
Looking northward up the Cape Florida beach
Cape Florida beach, Key Biscayne, looking southward
Summer 1999 at the Mississippi River
Just plain ol' Tiger, Sept. 1994
Horsing around with son and grandson
Tiger with Christopher and Bethany
Caught at his dad's piano, Monterey, March 1999
Christmas 1999 at a restaurant
On Windley Key
Iona Island, Inner Hebrides, Scotland
Dramatic Montana forest fire photo
Tranquil Florida sunset
Parrot Jungle, South Miami
Street scene in February, South Miami
Tiger at age 11
Tiger at age 22
Tigerkid (with mom, and solo)
Tigerbaby, caveman style
Son and daughter-in-law, Chris and Christie

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