Tigergrounds - September 2006

1. By the back door, between garage and deck
2. Vegetable garden, with Dutch stick roses (hollyhocks) in foreground
3. Northeast garden, at the back of lawn tier 2
4. Vegetable garden, from the opposite direction
5. Stairway to firepit patio
6. Halfway down to firepit patio
7. Looking back up the stairway
8. Firepit patio, from the boardwalk
9. The boardwalk into the southern wilds
10. Deeper into the southern wilds, the boardwalk crosses a stream and ends
11. Prairie hillside, looking northeast
12. The four o'clocks garden
13. Four o'clocks and shed
14. Prairie hillside, looking east
15. Streamside path into the northern wilds
16. Terraces above firepit patio
17. Prairie hillside lower terrace, looking north
18. Upper terrace
19. Rain garden, front yard looking south
20. Rain garden, looking east
21. Rain garden, looking northeast
22. Rain garden, looking north from the street
23. Front walk, looking northwest
24. Front walk
25. Roses, gaillardia, etc.
26. Roses etc. looking east
27. Hollies and hostas, west side of garage